Youth Financial Literacy Classes

Our “Millionaire Mindset” program is geared to inspire, teach and create millionaires for the next generation.  This program is where we bring awareness and teach the practical skills to our 9-17 year olds on knowing the value of money.  Our program will show each student how to manage money and detect opportunities for wealth building and being successful at it.  Topics our classes include are as follows: 

  • Setting goals for spending
  • Increasing self-confidence when purchasing
  • Methods of saving and investing
  • Exploring different avenues of earning money and much more…

We offer two sets of classes in the New York City Area:

  • Summer Program – for 4 weeks (one day per week for 1.5 hour session)
  • Fall Program – for 10 weeks (one day per week for 1 hour session)

Cost – Summer Program: $99.99 
Fall Program: $249.99