Tax Resources

London’s Tax Services in Mt Vernon, NY strives to provide you with the financial tools that you need to maximize your dollars. View our resources below that address frequently asked questions. You can also call our office at (646) 851 7264 to schedule a free consultation.

How to Prepare for your Tax Appointment Checklist

About You

  • Last years income tax if you are a new client

    Name, address, Social Security number and Date of Birth for yourself, spouse and dependents

    Dependent Provider, Name, Address, Tax ID and S.S.N.

    Banking information if Direct Deposit Required

Your Income

  • Pension & Annuity & Stock and Bond Sales

    Contract & Partnership &Trust & Estate Income

    Gambling & Lottery Winnings and Losses & Prizes & Bonus

    Social Assistance

    Alimony Income

  • Rental Income

    Self Employment/Tips

    Foreign Income

    Wages & Unemployment

    Interest & Dividend Income

    State & Local refunds

    Foreign Income

Your Expenses

  • Employment Related Expenses

    Gambling & Lottery Expenses

    Tax Return Preparation Expenses

    Investment Expenses

    Real Estate Taxes

    Estimated Tax Payments to Federal and State Government and Dates Paid

    Home Property Taxes

  • Charitable Contributions Cash & Non-Cash

    Purchase qualifying for Residential Energy Credit

    IRA Contributions & Retirement Contributions

    Home Purchase & Moving Expenses

    Dependent Care Costs

    Education &Tuition Costs & Materials Purchased

    Medical & Dental

    Mortgage & Home Equity Loan Interest & Mortgage Insurance

Tax Deadlines

Federal & State Tax Deadlines

Personal tax return – April 15th

C-Corporation tax return – April 15th

S-Corporation – March 15th

Partnership tax return – March 15th

Extension Deadlines

October 15th

October 15th

September 15th

September 15th

Estimated Tax Payments Due Dates

April 15th

June 15th

September 15th

January 15th

NY Sales Tax Quarterly Due Dates

Period: Dec-Feb | Due March 20th

Period: Mar-May | Due June 20th

Period: June-Aug | Due September 20th

Period: Sept-Nov | Due December 20th

Employer’s Quarterly Tax Return (Form 941)

April 30th

July 31st

October 31st

January 31st

Tax Tips

Taxes are a major factor in our daily life. They must be paid. For example, as a young millennial filing your first tax return, if you are single and have an income greater than $10,000, you must file a federal return.

Make it a priority daily to collect all the Tax documents you need for taxes.

  • You must collect a W-2 wage statement from each employer. If you have not received it by January 31. Make sure you locate it.
  • If you still cannot find it, contact your employer to make sure it wasn’t sent to the wrong address, especially if you have moved. You need a copy.
  • If you are independent contractor you must collect all your 1099 forms you have received from your clients.
  • Make sure you collect all pay stubs, earnings statements and other financial paperwork in one folder.
  • This keeps you organized and ready for tax time.